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Wing foil rental & lessons

Vetratoria windsurfing & SUP center managed to keep two windsurfing centers (at the Ganet Sinai and Swiss Inn Resort), but also expanded by adding another, from the right hand side side of Swiss Inn Resort. This new center main specification are wings and foils. The beach in front of the station is very spacious, there is also enough open water area. Lessons, equipment rental, storage are available at the center. For the first steps, a combination of a wing + SUP board is best option, with a transition to a board with foil later on. It is also possible to tow-in behind a boat on a foil board.

Wing Lessons
(wing & board & instructor)
Lesson time 1 hour
Private lesson 60 $
Group lesson* 50 $ (price per person)
*in a group of 2-3 persons

Foil & Boat Lessons
(foil & boat & instructor)
Lesson time 30 min.
Private lesson 50 $

Rent Wing
(Wing & board)
Rental time 1 hour
Wing & SUP* 20 $
Wing & foil & helmet * 30 $

*rescue boat assistance +10$.