The season in Dahab is all year round
Brand new RRD equipment!
Beginer & advanced tuition
4 times PWA champion title and world speed record with RRD!
Kite rental, storage and lessons at Happy Kite!
Working world wide since year 2006


Our professional instructors will help you to make first steps in windsurfing. We offer a wide range of beginner courses.


Our centre is equipped with brand new Italian RRD equipment .


Accommodation in Dahab

Hotels of Dahab lagoon.



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Vetratoria Windsurfing & SUP centre

 Vetratoria is already a well known brand that has been successfully operating for more than 9 years. It is also one of the favorite places for the huge army of wind-addicted people whose number is constantly rising.

The centre is located at the territory of Swiss Inn Resort. From us you can easily rich the “Lagoon”- famous with its flat water (best suits for beginners and intermediate riders). For advanced sailors on request we can arrange a shuttle boat to the “Speedy” (free of charge).

 Vetratoria Windsurfing & SUP centre offers rental, lessons and storage. Our Surf shop with everything needed for windsurfing is available.

 Working hours: from 9 A.M. till 5 P.M. all year round.

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